we just made a fuckton of hard candy

joo ymmärrän että se kiille pitää kaiken nättinä ja pitää marjat/hedelmät paikoillaan ja kiiltävinä ja hienona mutta se ei muuta vihasuhdettani kuumakiilteeseen marja/hedelmäkakkujen päällä ollenkaan

we made a bunch of cakes but we had to cover them in goo and I dont like it ahhhh

I know tomorrows going to be a busy day and I should go to bed early but I kind of don’t want to. I dont want the weekend to end uuuughh

I hate decorating cream cakes with fruit.
I mean out of all the things Im bad at, that has to be the worst one

I’m just plain pathetic at trying to get a limited amount of fruit to look good on top of a cake like please can I just cover the whole thing in peach slices please please please I’m so bad at this no one will want to eat the freaking cake.

made 3 fruity cream cakes yesterday (it was horrible and I only decorated the tiniest one)

It could be a lot better but Im happy enough!

We are making salmon spinach pie (or something) wish me luck

Lookie what I just did

Just made these. They look kinda ugly but taste like heaven???

Just made these. They look kinda ugly but taste like heaven???

ok the bakery calls me. I have a bread rolling test today oh no im not prepared.

my school has a picture of me up on their fb hhhhhhhhhhhh

I’m pretty sure I’ve told them that I dont want my pictures there but it was irrelevant because i’m in the schools band but THAT IS NOT A PICTURE OF THE BAND THAT IS JUST ME DRAWING..

haha this silly girl in my class is outraged because our teacher said that in her next school no one will wait up for her if she’s 30-40 minutes late for every class and that the door will probably be locked and she can’t get in.

she doesn’t understand why she can’t come in late oh my goddd

Our headmaster had a “trust me I’m a doctor” shirt on just now what

… one of the teachers ships me with my classmate IM……….

today my customer came in to our classroom, sat next to me, CLOSED ALL MY TABS so that she could check her e-mail and she spent the next 15 minutes trying to type “www” but she kept on typing “vv vv vv” and it was a disaster and she wouldn’t leave and in the end she just checked her e-mail and left and I………..