only one week of work left hahaha oh man I’ve kind of been waiting for this

I really like working at this bakery altho they probably should put some money in proper ventilation because these two months have been really hard on my lungs and like breathing in general, which is kinda bad

i want to play skyrim but michael is still sleeping oh my goddd michael get upp i wanna play oH MY GOD HE GOT UP THIS IS MAGIC

oh yeah i should probably shower anyways 

i’m going over to my friends place to use her sewing machine for cosplay things!

I really wanted ice cream bur I hadnt showered yet also I hadn’t shaved for a week and I only had shorts and an ugly t-shirt but I really wanted ice cream so i went out looking like a hobo and the wolr didn’t end and now i have a 6-pack of ice cream all is well

i just sneezed so hard i started choking on air how does that even happen how am I still alive


23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23!!!

keitin pari nakkia ku aattelin et se ois hyvä idea mut nää näyttää tosi pelottavilta ja surullisilta nyt ja joo älkää koskaan keittäkö nakkeja paistakaa ne mieluummin herrajumala nää näyttää joltain letargisilta madoilta

tänään piti olla vika hammaslääkärikäynti mut ne oli vähän myöhäs nii ne ehti korjaa vaan toisen reiän ja si ne viel keksi että viisurit pitäis poistaa jossai välis tänävuonna :’————-(

my mum just contacted me on facebook oh gosh I’m so relieved, I thought she was ignoring me since she hadn’t replied to my messages in like 6 freaking months



(not so) fun fact: I accidentally called a co-worker oppa today.


buying panties for the bae more like I freaking hope no one thinks these are for me AW HELL NAW

…i bought matching ones for myself

telkkarista tuli just tää hieno “Pomo haussa” mainos mutta minä viisaana ihmisenä tottakai kuulin että “homo haussa” ja totesin siihen että todellakin on haussa.

I went for a walk with my new roommate today

I sent this photo to a bunch of friends asking them to marry me but NONE OF THEM REPLIED TO ME

I sent this photo to a bunch of friends asking them to marry me but NONE OF THEM REPLIED TO ME